Cayama Arquitectos, Arquitectos Venezolanos

Architecture is not only about solving fundamental problems such as distribution, functionality, orientation, among others. I think that good architecture should be much more than that, it should be an immersion of the senses, where the focus is centered on the experiences that the user will go through with each step.

Patricio González Cayama

Founder, creative direction

Arquitecto Venezolano egresado de la universidad José Antonio Páez en Valencia, estado Carabobo. 


Cayama Arquitectos is an architecture studio based in Valencia – Venezuela, founded by Patricio González Cayama.

At Cayama Arquitectos, we seek emotional value in creating space. Our philosophy is based on the creation of modern, unique spaces that transmit sensations, emotions, where you can feel at ease and in connection with art and nature.

We develop our concepts through research, experimental thinking and dialogue with the client and the user. We offer complete creative and technical direction throughout the construction process.

Our work methodology is based on the study, where everyone collaborates and is part of the project. We do not stick to any rule, there is full freedom for experimentation, our standards have no limits, they only satisfy our main concerns, creating a space where functionality, sensations and innovative design converge.

At Cayama Arquitectos we always seek to maintain a modern and unique aesthetic, although we do not follow a specific style; We like to reinvent our own design line with each project, feeling free to experiment with each phase of the design.

It all starts with a detailed analysis of the client; personality, tastes, interests and requirements. A conceptual sketch begins the process of conceiving a shape, then a brainstorming with different perspectives updates the concept allowing the experimentation of shapes.

Then, this conceptual design migrates to different technological platforms, such as 2D-3D modeling software, where its forms are defined to proceed with the development of construction plans.

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